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The recipe of tradition

A good grissino can only be made by using the best ingredients.

Our grandparents have taught us that using fresh tap water to make bread and pasta dough. In modern days we choose genuine and traditional ingredients. Artisanal cheeses and natural leavening agents. Our territory provides us with unique flavors that are used in our doughs. We choose not to use palm oils and no additives to achieve a healthy, genuine product.

Some of our products contain ingredients to make them healthier such as Turmeric, Quinoa, Farro and Khorosan grain.

Made in Italy with Passion

Italian tradition at the dinner table from over 20 years

The Company was founded in 1994 in Turin, home of the original italian grissini. We live in a land where  taste, aromas, sounds give life to products of excellence recognized all over the world. Originally Lema was founded for the traditional Torinesi – Grissini Classici Stirati. An entire line of products was later added such as the fornacine, artisinal crackers ideal for aperitifs, salads, and typical Italian dishes, mini grissini, excellent snack for any time of the day, light and tasty to savor alone or as substitutes for bread.


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Our Grissini together with the Fornacine and Minigrissini, accompany meals and aperitifs everywhere in Italy.

Natural Levening

In our business, time is a fundamental ingredient, precision for cooking, the place for levining. The leavening agent is sensitive, it recognizes the expert hands that work it, and is disturbed if its too cold or too hot.

The natural leavening doughs are prepared with selected natural ingredients. Lema uses no additives, emulsifiers, preservatives or coloring. The Fornacine are unique because of the irregular way they are cut in a very artisinal manner.

The organic choice

The hot sun and rich soil are the secret of Italian producers. In order to make healthy foods we choose the finest products, grown by respecting nature.  We were among the firsts to believe in this type of production and in 1996 we received Organic certification and did not stop here.

In 2007 our Plant was IFS (International Food Standard) and BRC (British Retail Consortium) Certified.

Lema is very present in the production of private label items that represent 80% of total production.


The HACCP was added in 1998 and is constantly monitored and updated. The finished product is always checked and analyzed by certified labs.


The traceability of the finished product and its ingredients may be checked through the EAN UCC 128 system according to European laws.