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Lema is highly committed to the production of private label items, they represent 80% of the total volume of production. As of the year 2000 Lema is a member of the Private Label Manufacturers Association di New York, USA.  Lema is also registered with the American FDA Food and Drug and with the FDA Food Safety Modernization Act for food safety, registration code number 13234157134.

Made in Italy with Love

Life style

Lema is constantly conducting research and development in order to offer a wide variety of snacks for the modern lifestyles.



natural food


Our pack

Our Company specializes in the production of Italian baked goods and snacks, in particular Grissini stirati (torinese style), mini grissini and fornacine (artisanal style crackers).

15gr. BAG

Perfect amount for a single meal or for restaurants.

125gr. BOX

Perfect for every day meals, practical and eco friendly packaging.


Soft package, easy to reclose.

250gr. BAG

Resealable package.


Includes 6 transparent bags of 50gr. each.

400gr. BAG

Packaged in 8 practical resealable flowpacks of 50gr. each.


Packaged in 30 practical resealable flowpacks of 15gr. each.

175gr. BOX

Perfect for every day meals, practical and eco friendly packaging.

250gr. BAG

Resealable bag to maintain freshness.

A sea breeze that travels through the hills. The genuine taste of Sunday dinners expertly prepared by grandmothers. The sound of children sharing the bread of their afternoon snacks in the court yard. A landscape where your sight is lost among the hills and farmhouses caressed by the sun. A territory where taste, fragrance, sounds give life to excellence recognized worldwide


Our Company is certified organic since 1996 (law CEE2092/91). Lema is one of the first companies to believe in a boutique market and has been sustained by the development of the organic market throughout the years.  In 1996 Lema has obtained Organic Certification. It has been certified since 2007 based on the IFS standards and BRC (British Retail Consortium) at the Highest Level of AA+.

They believed in us